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We started back in 2014 as a technology company and continue to grow, rapidly seizing martech market with more than 50 leading enterprise customers.

With a world going all digital including businesses, we want to help people have a better experience online by providing them with individualized services tailored to their behavior. That’s why we developed a complex marketing solution enabling our clients to manage and analyze the data more efficiently, driving personalized user engagement:

  • Driveback is a behavioral marketing platform, allowing to adapt and personalize website digital properties based on real-time user behavior.
  • SegmentStream is a customer data platform that makes it possible to build an integrated marketing stack with unified customer data.
  • We combine advanced technologies & strong digital expertise and help leading online retailers to increase their sales and profit through digital customer experience optimization.

    We support the largest e-commerce brands, such as Nestlé, L'Oréal, L’Occitane, Quelle, NewBalance and many others.

    We empower leading brands

    50+ enterprise customers. 2000+ campaigns. Millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

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