More revenue from your website
with behavioral personalization

Increase conversion rate and customer satisfaction
with individualized website experience.

Higher conversion rate

Based on the information Driveback collects about the users and their actions on the page, we can provide them with the most relevant messages and offers, influencing the purchase process.

For example, 1-day delivery if a user is from London, visited website from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and checked particular products.

Larger average order value

Tracking your customers’ buying habits makes it easier to effectively upsell and cross-sell the most profitable and relevant items through personal recommendations, tempting to buy even more.

For example, 20% discount offer on Beats headphones if bought with iPhone 8.

Improved customer loyalty

Turn your customers into brand advocates by creating first-class personalized digital experiences, based on their shopping history and website behavior.

For example, asking for customer’s feedback to improve the service.

More email subscribers

Capture more leads with the same traffic and grow your customer database exponentially through highly segmented behavioral campaigns and complex personalized opt-in scenarios.

For example, opt-in scenario, offering a discount on the first purchase in exchange for the contact, activated for the users with unknown email.

Targeted promotion
of special offers & deals

Let your target audience know about individual special offers and deals to increase their engagement and satisfaction level.

For example, individual discount offer on a purchase over $20.

And many others

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