True personalization
of customer experience

Look inside our proprietary personalization technology.

Driveback — a behavioral marketing and on-site personalization platform

Driveback segments all the website visitors into different cohorts according to their real-time digital behavior, buyer journey stage, shopping interests and other valuable information about each individual.

Then it automatically delivers the right message to the right user at the right moment, significantly improving website conversion rate and company revenue.

How it works

Deep understanding of your customer’s digital behavior

By combining rich visitor data with hundreds of visitor actions, Driveback makes it possible to get a complete picture of each shopper, bringing personalization to a totally new level.

Personalization of every part of your website

Driveback allows to create native customer experience by personalizing every part of the website and aligning it with your brand voice and UX.

Interactive, highly engaging user experience

With our advanced platform we can create custom behavioral campaigns that
will activate various marketing messages influencing user behavior.

Lead acquisition

With complex opt-in scenarios, there is no way that website visitors will leave without giving you their emails, whether it’s for free delivery, discount or interesting updates.

Feedback & surveys

Ask your customers what they think about your product or service, collect insights to improve your business and show that their opinion matters.

Countdown timers

Limited-time offers and deadline notifications create a sense of urgency to your visitors and convince them to buy before it’s too late.

Social proof

This powerful marketing tactic can influence customers’ decision making, when they’re uncertain what to do, and build a confidence in product choice.

Promo codes

Informing your shoppers about limited stock availability can increase add-to-cart rate, as they’ll try to get the product before it’s gone.

Dynamic variables

Individualize your messages with dynamic content, containing information specific for each user, to deliver more relevant message: for example, depending on a current city or cart value, you can suggest free delivery or special offer.

Complex behavioral customer journeys

We will map advanced personalized journeys on your website with “If This Then That” conditional rules, which will activate dynamic content depending on user’s actions.

Captivating design

Our top-notch designers will create highly engaging campaigns that guide and motivate users through their
entire customer journey on the website, according to your unique brand voice and guidelines, across different
digital touchpoints: desktop, tablet or mobile.

Advanced A/B-testing capabilities

Let the data tell you what works for each of your visitor segments with Driveback Experiments.

Driveback Experiments supports: A/B/n and multivariate testing, complex server-side testing, dynamic A/B-testing (traffic splits only when user enters the segment), ability to launch several experiments and test several goals at the same time.

No more guesswork and misleading A/B-test results.

Transparent reporting

We’ll provide you with comprehensive real-time information about your customers and campaign performance any time you need it to power your decision making.

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